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is my building connected

Tuning in

Hello I hope someone can help. 

There is a block of flats with the following issue:

there is a virgin media box in a lower ground floor which appears to connect to all flats. The wiring from downstairs box to all the flats (and the wiring between all the rooms in the flats) is complete and ready to be plugged into a virgin modem. It's the wiring external to the building that was causing problems. 

Last year an engineer came to connect us, but when he tested the wire there was no signal (because the external wiring to the building was not connected) - but unfortunately it is a different engineer that does the outside building connection and the inside modem installation so we had to wait for another engineer to come out. The engineer never came to our knowledge. is there anyway to check?

Please could you verify that the building is definitely connected and there is a signal coming into the ground floor box before they send someone to check wiring/sockets and install modems upstairs?


Alessandro Volta

What does the VM postcode checker say for your address?

Did you place an order with VM last year and VM failed to install and gave up on connecting you?

hey the postcode checker says that 3 out of 5 flats have service and for the other 2 goes to another page where you provide further info. 

they never came back - so yes i assume they gave up. 😞




Hi Kalika

Thank you for your post. I'm sorry to hear that your building currently isn't serviceable with us. 

I'll pop you over a private message so I can take some details and arrange for another spotter to visit the property to check things out. We'd love to have you with us 😊