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internet slow, intermittent and unreliable

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I have had a seriously slow, intermittent and unreliable internet connection for months. I don’t have the time to keep contacting VM to rectify the issue, especially when the engineers who attend, can’t be bothered. It does not matter whether the device is connected through Ethernet or WiFi, the issue remains. The connection is so slow, I’m better off using my Mobile Phone Data, for work or to just watch a film. If and when the internet is on, there is constant butchering throughout a film, or the connection just drops off completely, multiple times. It is so frustrating, I don’t even bother using the VM TV services, and most of the time I use my mobile data instead of the super speed I’m paying for but never have. Recently I did book an engineer, who visited on 14/06. Almost immediately, he huffed and puffed, about this problem job being his last job, and not one he would want as a last job. He spent ages just sat in front of my hub, complaining, before making out he had solved the issue by replacing a splitter. He even went a step further by trying to show me his device screen to explain all the green dots meant it was ok. However, it went all red and displayed the error “failed”. So he then tried fobbing me off by saying his device was at fault not the internet. After he left, I noticed he as many others before him, left the cover laying on my drive from the drop cable outside. Why is it so hard to just put it back and secure it with a zip tie. I just can’t understand what I’m paying for because I haven’t got an internet connection and can’t really use my virgin tv to enjoy a film. I did raise the issue through “X” social media but even they expressed little interest in helping. I’ve tried to re-raise a request for another engineer, but for the last two days, after following the stupid steps, it keeps saying I have to come back a day later. Thereby stopping me from booking an engineer. Not that I’m confident I would get one that actually enjoyed their job, and wanted to repair the issue. This is my last attempt to get some help before I complain to ofcom. Is it much to ask for, asking to have the service I’m billed for? If I just refused point blank to pay any bills, VM would soon chase me, or send me to a debt collector. Yet I have to put up with this pathetic service. 


Alessandro Volta

Start tracking your connection with a BQM

You can also post up your hub stat's on here as per instructions from Tudor

some regulars on here should be able to interpret those to see if your signal levels are OK.

OFCOM does not deal with individual complaints. Your route for complaints is a formal complaint to VM first of all (likely a pointless exercise but a required step) before going to the ombudsman via this process

but the ombudsman can't compel VM to fix your connection. They might award you some kind of compensation or maybe an ability to leave VM with no EDF (depending on what you want as a resolution to the issue)

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So, after multiple attempts to re-book and engineer, today the same engineer visited for an entire 5 minutes. This time, they didn’t even come into the house. So according to the engineer this time. The drop cables in the street (underground) are so badly damaged, that they need to escalate the problem to a Network Engineer. So after all these months, paying ridiculous amounts of money, I was never going to get a half decent service. Apparently the engineer from Networks could take up to 72hours to attend. Then I might have to wait much longer for them to actually fix the problem. 

with regards to the VM wall box, that was still to much effort to fix. 

Least you've got to that stage, the refuse to accept my cables are damaged. We had 170 dropouts in the last week, how did you get them to force a cable change? I've also had 6 engineer visits. 

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey TPM871, thank you for reaching out and I am so sorry to hear about this.

I have taken a look and I can see you've spoke to us since this post.

Did the team help at all?

Matt - Forum Team

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