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Telewest box

Hi,both my landlord and virgin media advised my property is wired up for virgin media.i can only find a telewest box in the house - how do I connect my QuickStart hub to this?thanks 


Don’t have the right wall socket

I’m and trying to set up my quick start virgin package but the cables provided don’t match the wall socket. Can I get an adapter or do I need an engineer to come out and fit a new socket? Picture included of current setup and what the cable virgin pr...

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Constantly changing install date

So far I have been given a date of:20th February - moved as work was required5th March - see abovethen a phone call stating the work required had been carried out and another earlier date would be sent (it wasn't)Now, 5 days before the 5th I receive ...

_wibble_ by On our wavelength
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Removing Brown Box

Good Morning,  I have recently left VM and am now looking at having their equipment removed. In particular the brown box on the outside of my property. Having checked similar threads on the forum advice varies between remove it yourself and throw it ...

DPJ by On our wavelength
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Resolved! Spotter Request

I have received a flyer saying we are now served by the VM network, and the online portal says we can have all the Gigabits. I live at the bottom of a driveway shared with one other house. Before placing an order, I’d like to make sure we can get con...