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Moving home

I'm moving home and would like to take my account with me. However, it looks like VM don't service the area I'm moving to. I'm in contract, will I be charged an exit fee even though VM can't provide my service 

HUB 3 Orange Light

Hi,  My Hub 3 also is displaying the orange light and the signal is very poor and works intermittently. I have already pinhole reset the router and have had it for less than a month. It is not an overheating problem either.  Hopefully someone can con...

Delivery of broadband package

Hi, I ordered a Gig1 Fibre Broadband package. I had an email on Wednesday 19th stating that I would receive further details about delivery being today (Sat 22nd) but I’ve had no follow up since.I’ve not been given an account number yet so I’m unable ...

spand42 by Joining in
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Piggybacking my service

I have been waiting over a year for Virgin to re-pull a new cable for my home, since then we have been 'piggybacked' to next door, 2 appointments have been missed without any reason being given this month, and just rescheduled.Is anybody experiencing...

Gazb68 by Tuning in
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2 accounts but can only access 1

I have a broadband account at home and one for a business. For some reason they seem to be linked together even though I log in with a different email address and account number. This means I can only access my business account which was the first on...

JD8 by Joining in
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Quickstart delivery missing

After two full weeks of back and forth with Virgin Media to even activate my account (which included sending my personally identifying residency documentation in 5 different times), my Quickstart order was finally processed. When I bought the service...

Hub 5 Availability

Hello, It has been a while since the Virgin Hub 5 has been announced. I am curious when customers will be able to request these routers? I have requested one for some time now, but were told by customer staff that they were either still testing the d...

Blitzbok by Dialled in
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