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virgin pre pull in flat

i ordered virgin media online on the 26th getting installed on the 16th and was asvised due to my flat not having virgin before they have to do a pre pull and i asked what this was and was told that they just run the cable from the green cabinet outs...

Missing splitter

Hello,I've had Virgin Media broadband for several months now but have decided I wanted to start using freeview too. The problem is that the broadband uses the only coax cable in the living room area. I've seen mention of a splitter coming in the set ...

No installation after over a month

I ordered a wifi package on September 22nd this year, with the initial installation date set for the 18th of October. Our first installation on the 18th never happened and we had to phone up and ask about it, but even they didn’t know. We had to get ...

Kit collection

Hi,I was informed that my VM kit will be collected today. However, their delivery partner Contactengine doesn't seem to specify a time window and there is no way one can contact them. Strangely, VM also doesn't know when the kit will be collected. I ...

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Hub 4 to Hub 5 - connection dropping

I’ve just switched from a Hub 4 to a Hub 5 via self install. I’m on the same Gig1 package. On the first day I’ve had several instances of the Hub 5 loosing connection with the light, on the unit, flashing red. It continues to flash red until I eventu...

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Hi there,I've not had much luck with the live chat so I was wondering if someone here could assist me. I have been researching into availability of Virgin Media within my street and the checker says my household can't get Virigin Media. That would no...

Resolved! Book an engineer to move Hub

I’d like to book an engineer to move my hub to another room as the Wi-Fi upstairs is rubbish despite having 2 pods.  I’ve tried the online chat but after 1+hour wait I got an error message that it couldn’t connect to the server.   thamks     [MOD EDI...