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Resolved! hub 5 modem mode

hi there,managed to activate hub 5 and yes as a router its not a finished product yet, so I have it in modem mode. Question: Which port is advisable for modem mode for this hub to output to my router? im on the 350 tier

kannanni by On our wavelength
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Resolved! Installation, socket blocked by a wire

Hello,I just moved in my new flat and I received the QuickStart installation package today. However I found the socket is blocked by a circular wire (maybe used by some previous tenant for protection purposes). I can’t take it off by myself so I call...


Hi everyone I’m meant to be having a team of groundworkers come today to put the cable in from the footpath to my house but still haven’t had an email or text message to confirm this does anyone know a number I can get in contact with please to find ...

Resolved! Initial set up woes

Hi folks,Had Virgin Media install last Friday (3/12). All seemingly went well until time to turn on the equipment then the engineer identified there was a cable issue and a repull was required.As part of the installation he'd asked if he could cut ou...

Joker_uk by Joining in
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Self installation

Hi there, I'm starting the self install of broadband, tv and phone and my wall socket already has a splitter on it...can I use this or do I need to book an installation in? Any advice greatly recieved!

Simjim99 by Tuning in
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Engineer keeps not showing up

Hi. My date for the service to start is December 24th. Had a text saying an engineer needed to come and do some cabling from the box in the street to the front of my house, with a link for live chat.Booked it in for Thursday between 8am and 6pm. Arra...

Smeags by Joining in
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Wi-Fi pod not connecting

I’ve tried now for nearly 2 days to get the first Wi-Fi pod set up. I’ve plugged it in and left it and it just pulsated… so moved it nearer to hub as per troubleshooting guide… still just a pulsating light… so I moved it so it was quite literally nex...

Resolved! Delayed Installation

So… I had a gentleman who was going door to door, sign me up for Virgin, having told me it was available on my estate.I had told him that I was looking at moving so wasn’t sure about signing up and he assured me it would be fine.He told me to sign up...