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Untidy old cables

SpoilerHi all,trying to speak to a human on the phone but no luck. I live in a Victorian terrace with a very weird old school wiring / cabling set up and want to get it properly sorted. do I need to pay virgin to do this, or is this something an engi...

Eliza_k by Tuning in
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Compensation for delayed activation

Hi,I've ordered broadband with installation date on 8th Oct confirmed ( which did not mention any 3rd party permission issues etc.) However they only let me know in the morning of the installation day they were not able to activate the service, and p...

Mattias by Tuning in
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Aerial cable cut by VM

Hey everyone! looking for some help or advice on how to go about raising this issue as can’t seem to get anyone useful at Virgin I had my internet installed yesterday, today I found my tv doesn’t work- we’ve found the technician has come and cut our ...

ayerspd by Joining in
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Resolved! Moving Landline Cable

Looking at the position of the entry point for my landline cable and location of landline (front right of house in the hall), and the hub which is back left of house in the lounge, I can see that there will potentially be a lot of internal cabling to...

Confirmation of engineer visit

Hi all, I recently have ordered virgin broadband self install. Unfortunately since then I have found out that one of the outside cables has been cut and there is no broadband socket within the house. I have been told that an engineer will be arriving...

Palmac by Joining in
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New Customer install

Hi,And Hi to Peter Ross if you are lurking!My GF had VM rolled out in her area a few months ago (WV37LE).She's found an offer for the BB and has just signed up to it.The package includes her being sent the hub to do a self install.My question is, wil...

MoreBeer by Dialled in
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Ordered hub has different cable

Hi, i have just joined to Vm and the agent told me self installation is enough but when the package came i realised that the wall mount box do not have any port to connect the cable. How can i arrange an engineer for installation 

Goddear by Joining in
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