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Broadband connected, but not working

So I finally got my hub5 package and went ahead installing it.I noticed I have an older socket to plug the hub in, but I've looked up online and it should still be fine.But apparently it's not, there's a green light flashing since yesterday and no In...

MenthoL by Joining in
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Resolved! Solid red light and hot Hub 3

My Hub 3 has had a solid red light for 3 days, it is also pretty warm. I know this means overheating. Checked all connections and hub sits on a coffee table with nothing around it. I gather if the red light stays solid then a new hub is required, we ...

Waiting 100 days for instal

I am now waiting 94 days for a pull through and subsequent internal install. VM and Kier been out 4 and 2 times respectively but they seem incapable of organising the need to dig at the side of my house. Not the pavement, my property!same nonsense co...

Go Live date in my area?

Virgin media is almost available in my area and I was wondering if there was anywhere i could find out dates of when this should go live? my Sky and BT are both about to expire so timing couldnt be better and it would help if i had dates even approx ...

Resolved! How do I email customer services?

I've had a regular disconnection issue. I had a VM tech replace my shub3 with a shub5 but it continues. I've been saving the logs off the shub when it happens. According to the internet (hehehe) the same errors suggests signal level issues.Can I send...

ScottyUK by Up to speed
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Resolved! Old provider

Will virgin contact my old provider? There’s been no mention of them stating they will. In the meantime I haven’t officially cancelled my old providers account yet as they said virgin would do that?thanks 

Digsun by Tuning in
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Giving up hope of install

On 27th July I was due to have Virgin TV, broadband and phone installed after a door to door salesman promised this great service. A guy arrived, said I can’t install as the outside work hasnt been done. An nothing has happened since. 10.5 weeks late...