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Disgraceful Service

Just rang to report red light on hub and tv box unable to connect to it only to be told by the service centre operator that there isn't a problem and hung on me!!! Virgin Media's customer service is shocking - there is a problem and it needs to be so...

Will I ever get a hub5

I now have the 100Mb upload on my GIG1 service, but since VM removed LAG on hub4 I am 200Mb down on download speed.Look at my signature before telling me the downside of the hub5, I just want to connect in modem mode, I  need better than a 1Gb port t...

Timwilky by Fibre optic
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Staff Compliment

Hi,Yesterday, an engineer came to my house to install the QuickStart kit. On arrival he informed me professionally that the cable had been cut on the outside and a lot more work would be required, and it may not be possible to get me online on the sa...

Re: no virgin media wall socket

   We recently received our router and cables. We do not have an internal VM box to plug the round ended cable into. We tried plugging the other cable (Ethernet?) into a wall socket but the router didn’t work. Tried the virtual assistant but it didn’...

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seama3 by Tuning in
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No welcome email or tracking number

Hi, I placed an order for a Virgin Media internet self-install kit a number of weeks ago for delivery today. I have received no welcome email or tracking ID so have no idea whether the parcel is actually coming or not. Thanks,Joe

JoeF22 by Joining in
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