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'accsess denied' and tech support issues


iv not been having a great time with virgin recently. the internet has been down for 3 days now. all the information i have been able to gather is contradictory and unhelpful.

1st i checked online using the service checking tool. no issues with internet but some issues with tv that should be fixed by the 31st. i dont have tv so shouldn't effect me? (by the way when i then got it to run a test it dident show any results just skipped to a message about 'finishing up')

then i tried your online chat witch told me that not all local faults are reported on the website and that there was a local service issue that should have been resolved yesterday (the same day i contacted them)

then i decide to call and get told i should of had a calling card (i didn't) and that service would be out or unstable until the 6th! (right now i would prefer with unstable but still nothing)

so i get the app to keep an eye on the issue but the app says there are no issues.

i check my hubs control panel to see if there were any issues there and it says internet is 'access denied' witch seems like an odd phrase if its just failing to connect because of a local service fault.


so that leave me with a couple of questions. is there or is there not a service fault that effects the internet in my area? if there is a fault why doesn't it show on your fault checking tool and app? is it normal when there is a local service fault to show 'access denied' as the internet status on the hub?

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