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We’re on the way

Up to speed

Virgin media cabling installed on the street 2 months ago, been checking my post code ever since, it’s now changed from “We’re chuffed your interested” to “We’re on the way”  Virgin Media will be at my address very soon, register to get £35 Bill credit, I’ve done that, anyone know how long it will be, could it be imminent, ha ha.

Also under legal stuff, it says, TV 360 and home phone not currently available in 2022/23 network expansion areas, not sure if we are but we have grey cabinets on our street & others near by, they dug a channel to lay the cables, if anyone can say whether we will get full VM?



Up to speed

Nobody knows then?

Just joined

We had cables installed over 3 years ago, and still nothing. We only have old DSL cables with slow speed. All 12 households in the building are waiting.


For Stephan93, use the post code checker on some of the local streets that had VM cabinets and cables 3+ months ago   (or better for a home that has a VM box on the wall),  where VM have opened for orders it will reveal the service list ( i.e. phone / internet / TV ). 

For mge, 3 years and not opened for orders. Zero ROI on that.  To gain attention, it would be best to start a new thread and to ask VM to send a spotter out to your post code. Include the post code to try and get the ball rolling. If there is a VM or a CATV street hatch at the boundary of you property take a photo of it and include it in your new thread.