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VirginMedia available at the street number but not in my flat number

Joining in


I've been looking for help on this one and replied to some other topics with no success, so I thought of starting my own topic - hopefully I can get more information.

Virgin Media seems to be available at my postcode/building ... but it returns "no coverage" to my flat number (I'll move there in a couple of months) - Is it possible to know more about this? I'd like to have virgin media of course.





Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi immortalcowboy, thanks for creating your first post on our forums and welcome to the VM community.

We're sorry to hear your posts on other threads have not been replied, we're doing our best to get back to each and every user here so our replies may be slow sometimes.

As always, when an issue arises it's better to create your own thread so we can look into things for you, happy to best assist you with your query.

Regarding serviceability of a certain flat best way to check this is by visiting our post code checker page here and view if the service is available using the address details.

Another way is to call our Sales team at 0800 183 1234 where we can check further and see if possible to send a tracker and see whether it can become serviceable anytime soon.

Can we confirm whether you've tried both and things have still not been clear to you about this?

Let us know more and we're eager to advise.

Forum Team

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