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Virgin have failed to turn up to replace a faulty cable to my home

I have been for a long time having dreadful service from Virgin broadband. The line speed is dreadful even though I'm supposed to get 100mbps and the upload speed is so bad I keep getting time out on servers I'm trying to connect to for work. After a protracted series of conversations with virgin support which is easily the worst I have ever come across. I had an engineer visit in early December and he tested the cable outside and confirmed that the noise level is too high and that is the reason for the continual dropouts I have been getting. He booked me a new cable to be pulled to the house for 21st December 2020, No-one turned up and I spent hours that afternoon to virgin to find out why. I was told it had never been booked even though I have an email confirmation that it was. It was then scheduled for 2nd January between 12 and 4pm again I was assured that a new cable will be definitely be installed. Again that day went and no cable fitted. I called and again spent hours on the phone, no one would put me through to a manager. Eventually I was told the installation was not until 1st April 2021. I have again today 04/01/2021, spent almost 2 hrs on the phone today to customer service get to the bottom of this and to no avail. All I am asking for is the service I am paying for. I have had some credits to my account but that is no compensation for a bad service and it does not get me a better line, nor shut me up.  It seems they just do not care at all about customers who are having difficulties, we are just cash cows.
Can anyone suggest anything that will make the company sit up listen and do something about my situation.  Yes you may suggest another provider but I have tried and their service is still too slow in my area.

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Alessandro Volta
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Re: Virgin have failed to turn up to replace a faulty cable to my home

Speak to Retentions on 150 or 0345 454 1111 - options 1- 1 - 4 - 4 "Thinking of leaving" - they are open 08:00 until 21:00 BUT calling early between 08.00-10.00  midweek is best, when you will usually get a UK call centre with staff more informed and helpful. They seem to have the power of God over other departments.

TBH at the moment you have a choice of a slow connection with very poor customer service or a slow service with decent customer service. I know which one I would (have) chosen.

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