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Virgin Wayleave Agreement

On our wavelength

We are having issues with Virgin Wayleave team for the installation of services to our neighbour

The neighbour has access rights across a strip our land to facilitate off street parking and it marked as such on the Land Registry plan.

Initially Virgin had arranged an installation with the customer without seeking permission, luckily they have now realised they need permission.

They sent us the wayleave form but it does not specify what part of our land they will be installing on or what equipment they will be installing. Having spoken to an engineer we have clarified this and our happy with his proposal, however the document does not specify this and basically just says equipment on our land.

In an attempt to progress this issue we signed the agreement attaching the land registry diagram and stating that they can install a cable under the land that is shown for his access (this also correlates with what the engineer is proposing). We assumed installation would progress without issue.

Today we received and email from Virgin stating they could not accept our document as it is a legal document and cannot be changed. We have replied stating that if our addition is not acceptable then they need to produce a document with the required stipulations.

It seems ludicrous that they can ask anyone to sign a document allowing unlimited access and unspecified equipment being installed anywhere on our land (although we know in reality that will probably not happen).

Has anyone found a way to resolve this issue as we are not happy giving virgin unrestricted rights but do not want to fall out with our neighbour by preventing his installation?


Alessandro Volta

Was it this agreement which has been online for quite a while as a download available to all?

If it is not you who is having the VM installation, I am surprised anyone would sign up to this. It is heavily weighted in VM's favour and places long-term implications/restrictions on you in regard to the VM 'apparatus' being on your property.

On our wavelength

The one we have has 5 additional clauses, so even worse

Alessandro Volta

At the risk of having a disagreement with your neighbour, why would you want to sign? There only seems to be disadvantages for you in doing so.

The VM cable route will, most likely, have been chosen by VM because it is easiest/cheapest/simplest/quickest for VM, not for any other reasons.

If the proposed cable is only for your neighbour's benefit, VM's interest in the cable will last only as long as your neighbour is a customer.

You will find numerous topics on the forums where abandoned VM cables from past installations have fallen into disrepair. VM generally refuses to do anything to maintain them except in extreme cases of health and safety. Here's a good example from last week

where VM has dumped some surplus cable on a neighbour's property and has totally washed its hands of any responsibility of dealing with it, despite a perfectly reasonable request from the neighbour for some kind of resolution from VM.

If you are not actually an account holder with VM yourself, you may well also find that you would have no ability to contact VM in the future if there was any kind of problem with the cable under your property.

Sounds a bit harsh but, if your neighbour wants VM services, your neighbour should have the cable on their property IMHO.

Alessandro Volta

This gives Virginmedia an enormous benefit, to your permanent disadvantage. It might even affect to some extent the value of your property.

If you have a mortgage, check with the lender whether you need to get their permission for this to be added to the Land Registry. 

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