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Virgin Media engineer left an installation not working.

Hi everyone,

I am so annoyed with Virgin Media, an engineer was meant to install a new TIVo box in my mother’s bedroom today, there is a cable already there from when she had Virgin Media before, so I thought that this wouldn’t be a problem. How wrong could you be?

Basically, a Virgin Media engineer turned up, connected all the cables, left the TV in the start up menu, told my husband to press OK at different stages. The start up menu didn’t load properly and got stuck at connecting (check cables before trying again) Restarted the TIVO box 3 times (unplugging it, waiting 15 seconds) no success. The Virgin Media Engineer even said, it might not work as he left. Phoned Virgin Media who said they would get someone out within 2 hours to fix the problem. I said I wanted a refund, as the engineer left the installation not working. Engineer phoned me soon after I end the call to Virgin Media. Virgin Media Engineer tells me ‘have some compassion, I am so stressed today as I am moving house’ I said, it really isn’t my problem that you are moving house, you are meant to do your job. I also said that it’s unprofessional to say you are moving house and can’t actually do the job we have paid you to do. Virgin Media have charged £130.00 for the engineer to install new equipment today and it doesn’t work. The engineer said he can come back later to fix it, but he can’t use his van after 8.30pm. So it might be tomorrow. I have been left with equipment that doesn’t work, an engineer who I don’t trust to fix the problem and I am £130.00 lighter. I am considering making a formal complaint about the engineer and ask for a refund.

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Alessandro Volta
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Re: Virgin Media engineer left an installation not working.

This seems unusual for a Tivo Box.

Are you sure it is a Tivo ?


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