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VM delayed installation

Joining in

Hope someone from the VM team can help find a solution: I gave the required one month's notice on 24 May 2022 to BT not to renew my contract. I ordered VM broadband on the same day (cable already available in my street) and chose 22 June (today) as the install date thinking VM would have enough time to make preparations to pull the cable to the house by then.

Nothing happened for two weeks but then someone turned up and sprayed some paint to denote the access point and left. A full week later someone else came to dig beside the road on my property to create an access point. Five days later (20 June) a couple of engineers arrived to pull the cable but said they couldn't because no work to create a path from the access point to the house had been carried out to enable them to do so! 

My BT contract expires tomorrow (23rd) so I'll be left with no wifi.

I got on to the helpline operator on 20th who transferred me to the pre-installation team who weren't helpful at all apart from saying someone will come over to improve access to the house on 24th. No help at all to my question: what am I supposed to do about wifi access now that VM has delayed the install?

Customer service rang later that afternoon saying my new install date is 12 July!! No answer to my question about what I should do for wifi in the meantime!!

I rang up again the following day and the helpline operator suggested speaking to the pre-installation team again but mysteriously the transfer didn't work and I was cut off. I tried to ring the helpline again but got cut off again before I could speak to the operator!

Anyone from the VM team looking in to this forum able to shine some light on the problem and advise?


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @DG22


Thanks for posting on our community forum!


I do apologise for the inconvenience, I am going to drop you a private message now to collect some more information. Please keep an eye on your inbox.





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Still not  connected. The install date was pushed back by VM from the original 22 June to 12 July and then to 27 July. We were once again visited by a team coming to pull the cable to the house (yesterday) but they couldn't do their job because the cable hasn't yet been freed from a "blockage" down the road a couple of houses away. Last time anyone came to dig up and free the cable was 24 JUNE but left leaving the job incomplete. Two people with VM uniforms turned up today to complete the installation inside the house but had to listen to the above story instead. Therefore needless to say they admitted that they too couldn't do their job! I had to laugh but it's incredibly frustrating especially when the installation engineers who came today contacted their manager who confirmed that permission wasn't required to complete the digging to free the cable - so why the extra long delay??? 

VM has emailed me on the last two occasions to inform me that they have had to reshedule the install date and given me a new one but this time I haven't heard from them yet. Makes me wonder what they're up to now. Some clarity from the forum team or anyone from VM would be appreciated. Is my case being prioritised as urgent? 

Hi DG22, 


I am very sorry to hear there have been further delays with installation. 

Lets take a look at the account and provide you with an update. I will pop you over a private message to confirm a few details now. 

Speak soon,