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Joining in

Got a message on my v6 box I'm eligible to upgrade my V6 box to a 360 one, doing some research it's a bit like sky Q and it's my understanding that I'll loose all my recordings and series links.

Not bothered about the recordings as they'll be on catch up but I'd like to get my series links back of I can.

Is there any benefit from the upgrade apart from new ui and a voice remote?



Virgin Media Staff
Virgin Media Staff

You can set up the series links as recordings again or just add them to a watchlist. 
360 has a better content offering, with Sky Sports+, Disney+, AppleTV+ and more that V6 doesn’t have (when will they release an app that doesn’t have a +?) 

V6 is nearing end of life and over time some content and features will naturally be removed or degraded but if you’re really happy with it then it won’t be completely shut down for a few years as yet. Personally I loved the upgrade to 360, using voice makes everything quicker.