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Telephone Line

I recently received a new HUB4 and from about same day my landline has stopped working.
Is this a coincidence or expected?

I noticed the HUB also has a telephone connection and this does not work either,  but in the advanced setting telephony is disabled, so it does not look like this option is available yet?

I tried a new cable and are trying to find a neighbour with a phone I can borrow just to make sure my phone is not at fault before I call virgin media to come and fix it.  The remote test states my line is working ,  but when I phone the number from my mobile there is a dial tone but no response from my phone.


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Re: Telephone Line

VM now run all telephones over the modem, so chances are the modem simply has the wrong configuration. 

I wouldn't say that to customer services though, just ring them up and say your land line isn't working or there head will explode. Not pretty. 

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Re: Telephone Line

Although that's true, when you have a Hub swap you keep whatever home phone service you already have.

So if you have a separate landline today, you'd keep it even if you have a Hub 3 or Hub 4

If you have a landline running through a Hub 3, you'd use your Hub 4 for your line once you've activated it.

Where Virgin Media swap customers from one home phone service type to the other there is specific notification about that.
I work for Virgin Media - but all opinions posted here are my own