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Setting up a new Virgin Media stuff

Hi everyone,

I hope that you're all well during this global pandemic?  I have just returned home from the hospital from having coronavirus, and it's not nice.

Anyway, I have now got my broadband, TV, and phone coming into my flat, and wondering how long it usually takes to get it set up.  The technician is coming on February 22, but when I ordered it, they said that I needed wires going from the junction box to my flat.  It is a long process?  The order tracker on my account isn't telling me much about it.


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Re: Setting up a new Virgin Media stuff

External cabling work can take about a couple of weeks depending on the demand on the team to do it at the time, I would say it should be done by the time your go live date of 22nd Feb.

You may see an order tracking in you online account that changes day by day during this period.

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