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STILL not connected

Joining in

The ongoing Saga continues! Since september 25th have I been trying to get through to Virgin Media about a PON-missmatch in this area, ever since then all I've gotten were empty promises about when the isue would be fixed and rude customer service when my questions weren't understood properly.

Earlier this week I rang up asking about the PON miss-match isue and wanting a true answer, I've asked to be notified when the issue was being looked at, I received and e-mail that said it was being looked at the 6th of NOVEMBER, that date rolls by and STILL no closer to having the issue sorted out.

Rang up earlier today (7th of november) for clarification about everything and no one on any of the helpdesks wether that be the regular desk of the pre install team knew anything, and to make matters worse one of them hung up no me (presumeably because he got confused and his poor little head couldn't cope with it)



Alessandro Volta

Maybe pre-install can help.

0800 0521734

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Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey Nigel1990, thank you for reaching out and I am sorry to hear this, I can see you are currently in PM with my colleague.

Please do reach out for a follow up if you need anything else. Cheers 

Matt - Forum Team

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