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Renewed Contract

Joining in

Just got off the phone with Virgin cancellations. I was on 1gb broadband + weekend and evening telephone line + basic stream box and was paying £38 per month. I also have an O2 SIM and was on their Volt package. Anyways my contract was up for renewal on the 26th March and i was sent a renewal quote of £64! I rang and told them that I wasn't happy with this price and that there were other companies like City fibre in the area who were offering a better deal. The best they could do was £46 so I pressed ahead and asked them to cancel and asked if someone from the cancellation team could give me a call. Couple of hours later I get a call and I have now signed up for another 18 months for £35, the only difference is minus the telephone line which to be honest I was only using to ring Virgin and only calls I ever received were spam calls or the mother in law!