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Question about external...


after a lot of back-and-forth it seems like external work is going ahead on the new build flat I'm moving into 😅 I got a letter today. I got a package for myself and my downstairs neighbour, he is in Flat 1 and I'm in Flat 2 upstairs.

I have a question though, the letter says work will be commencing at Flat 1, followed by the full address, next week... but no mention of Flat 2? I assume they mean the whole building though? There have been people examining the outside of the building before now, and me and my neighbour have both been given installation dates. We have different packages, he has M100 and I went for M200.

Does the external work for both flats happen at the same time? When they install his internet do they tether off the box outside and drop a cable from my flat down to it? I'm not sure how it works.

Thank you in advance


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Re: Question about external...

There are two stages to installation.  First a contractor will run a cable from the street to the front of the building.  Then a technician will come to wire up the flats.  It's very likely that they will drop the wire to a single box on the wall as you suggested. 

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