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Problem with moving home

why is it so hard to actually get someone to give correct information, we've been customers for over 20 years & are moving home in 12 days time & still awaiting to find out if you can service our new home , was told originally, that VM didnt service the property we were moving to, BUT there are virgin customers, Next door & we would get installed with a £20 charge, so it is in the area no problem but the team on chat keep giving us conflicting answers, Latest chat was, they are waiting for the field engineers report & could be upto 14 days, then possibly need to wait up to another 30 days, this is a JOKE, IF i was a NEW customer, i probably would of had it installed, but this is a shocking way to treat a customer that has been with the company, long before VM took over, i started with the local cable company, that Telewest took over. TO SAY IM ANGRY is an understatement & i am very close to going elsewhere if we don't get a definite yes it can go in & an install date before the 23rd, ALSO i have introduced many new people to VM & i will NOT be doing it again, NOBODY WANTS TO HELP US

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Re: Problem with moving home

Thanks for your post and for reaching out to the Community Forums, nizzmo,


Sorry to hear that you are getting conflicting information regarding services at you new address. Some properties may not be able to be connected due to factors like infrastructure, whereas other streets are only a short distance away from an existing network, so it’s easier and cheaper to connect them. A lot of times it might require a surveyor to go out an confirm this because people over the phone or webchat cannot confirm physically what the connection or grid looks like.

If you still have not received a definite answer then we can check for you.



Corey C

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