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Powerline adapters on separate Wi-Fi router (Can I? Should I?)


I’ve just had VM broadband installed with the Superhub 3. I’ve got some TP-Link powerline adapters arriving today to extend the Wi-Fi coverage around the house.

I have a TP-Link Wi-Fi router (AC750 Archer D2) from my old broadband setup.

My question: Can I connect my existing TP-Link router to the Superhub 3 (SH3 in modem mode), then connect the new powerline adapters to the TP-Link router?

Background on why I want to do this:

  • I have a house with stone interior walls and need to get a decent Wi-Fi signal around the house.
  • I have a Sonos speaker system that stores its music library on a USB stick in the back of my current TP-Link router, but the Superhub 3 doesn’t have a USB port.
  • In researching solutions to the previous issue, I’ve seen that lots of people have issues with getting Sonos speakers to reliably connect with the Superhub 3 Wi-Fi.
  • There seems to be a consensus that the Superhub 3’s on-board Wi-Fi router is prone to these sorts of issues and is worth replacing anyway.

I’d welcome any help or advice.



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