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Our first disappointing experience.

I have been on holiday until recently and was unable to write this up until now. Am struggling to find a place to post this so figured this would be the right place. Please let me know if I did it wrong.

On February 1st, our internet was disconnected for no reason. We called Virgin Customer Service and
they claimed that we had moved and that the new tenants had moved in – only this was not true.
I can see where the confusion stemmed however, as we had new downstairs neighbours move in
that week, who must have called to set up their own account.
I spoke to Virgin Customer Service, and was informed that it wouldn’t be back online for up to 48
hours, which was quite unacceptable considering that somebody else (not the account holder) was
able to shut down our internet and ruin our weekend plans.
Fast forward to Monday the 4 th (about 65 hours after I was informed that it would be back within 48
hours), I spoke to the customer service chat, and was told to call billing this time. I called billing and
was met with quite a rude representative that told me nothing could be done and that it would come
online when it came online – very unhelpful.
The only saving grace, was when I ventured into the Virgin shop in Brighton, to be met with a helpful
young lad by the name of Seb, who was extremely helpful. He was able to tell me that he could see
that they had been working on reversing the issue, and that it should be fixed around 5 – all
information customer service could have given me but didn’t.
We were later informed that the best way to fix this is to set up a new account in our name, which
they did. At 6pm (about 71 hours after the problem started), the internet finally started working
Later that week we received a letter DATED the 2 nd of February (a full day after wrongfully shutting
down our internet), asking “if we had moved that that they wanted to make sure first before they
close our account”, meaning somebody on your end jumped the gun and shut our internet down
before even printing the letter. Furthermore meaning that our internet was shut down before your
team went through the right channels and making sure that we had actually moved.
Just thought that this experience was extremely frustrating, given that we would never move without
informing Virgin Media or any of the other providers we use. Furthermore, I felt the lack of
transparency from customer service unhelpful. I would however like to commend Seb at Virgin
Media Brighton for making the experience easier.
I did not feel that we were treated as the long-term customer we had been, and was really quite
disappointed in this experience.

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Re: Our first disappointing experience.

As they set you up as a new customer, I hope they gave you the new customer discount, only fair as it was their mistake. Unfortunately your dealings with cuxtomer services are only too familiar and even more unfortunate, the support on this forum appears to have been cut to the same level.

The problem is allmost all customers choose a supplier only on price and shareholders are only interested in returns.
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