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Ongoing delayed installation dates ruining my livelihood

Joining in

I have a learning & physical disability, I also live alone and require internet connection to use applications to manage my condition. I also work from home, however for the past month I have been unable to do so. I am frustrated, saddened and completely losing hope. They are further delaying the installation date without specific reasons, I have tried to contact via phonecall, e-mail, livechat & twitter.

Contract summary sheet created: 21st July 2023
Direct debit confirmation: 25th July
Selected engineer installation date: 8th August 2023
E-mail received of re-scheduled installation date: 1st August
Called 0800 052 0422 (customer service freephone): 2nd August (No updates given, was told I'd be contacted)
E-mail received 'Your Delayed Activiation': 2nd August
Called 0345 454 1111 (official customer service centre): 7th August (Told external works were needed)
E-mail received about completion of external work & new installation date: 24th August
'Live Chat with construction team': 25th August (Waited for 2hours on livechat, and connected to NO ONE)
Reschuedule installation date: 25th September 2023
New installation date: 9th October 2023?!

In addition I registered for 'Accessibility & Inclusive' to have all communication preferences via E-mail & Livechat, however as I was getting no information I had to call customer service, which was infuriating as I registered in order to have e-mail/livechat only.

I have tried to submit a complaint to their web form using my My Virgin Media e-mail, yet it tells me my e-mail & password are incorrect?!?! I'm gonna cry :')

For the past month I've had to purchase BT WIFI for a total of 31 days, this cost me £46.99 (£7.99 for 1 day, £39 for 30 days). Unfortunately due to this intermittent service, I have not been able to work, as I require stable connection. Surely I will get compensated under 'Credits for delay in activation of a fixed line or broadband service'? If only they'd compensate the £46.99.

Finally I signed up via a friend referral link in order for us to receive £60 each. I won't receive this until 2 months after the installation date, which originally would have been 2nd October, if the selected installation date happened. More waiting.... and waiting.... and being sad.

Any and all help is appreciated, thank you for reading.


Alessandro Volta

This is yet another case where Virginmedia has promised to connect someone very quickly in order to sign them up, even though their own records would have shown that there was no external connection.

It is extremely sharp practice, and in many cases such as yours it can cause great inconvenience and/or loss of income, but somehow they continue to get away with it.

You will be entitled to compensation, but you may well have to fight for it. Make sure you keep full records of everything they have said. 

- jpeg1
My name is NOT Alessandro. That's just a tag Virginmedia sticks on some contributors. Please ignore it.


The issues with BT ISP cost / stability are not VM's concern.  

In terms of monthly price, once outside the initial VM offer period expect the VM price shoots way past £50 / month, especially if you have selected the highest speed available.

Joining in

I had a very similar problem. I was promised a connection on 15 July. We received the router box on 15 July as promised but there was no socket inside the house. I asked for an engineer to visit and install the box who found that we don’t have a cable coming to the propriety, which then saw a series of dates for installations. It seems to me that if Virgin Media have an installed socket they manage fine, but when it comes to external work, the fact that they rely on 3rd party contractors for actual ground work and council permits, slows them down and they quote unrealistic dates. I had to move out to a different provider who set me up in days and the conversations I had with VM to end my contract because of lack of availability were far from friendly. I had to keep repeating the list of incidents over and over and I’m yet to be compensated for the bills they charged me for while the service wasn’t even live. 6 September is the date I have been told my connection will be closed and my direct debit would be refunded.


If you have another option, I would say, move to them. 

Tuning in

Its truly awfull

i cant even get through to anybody!!


That's because the system is working as designed. It costs VM money to have humans listening to customers, and even more to sort out their problems. Much better to ignore them and hope they give up. 

- jpeg1
My name is NOT Alessandro. That's just a tag Virginmedia sticks on some contributors. Please ignore it.

Joining in


Installation engineer visited 13th September
He informed me the third-party contractors put the 'brown box' in the wrong place, so he was unable to carry out the work. The only way around it was to get a 'wayleave form' and send it to virgin media. I asked on the 7th August if I needed a 'wayleave form' for the external works and I was told no.

I am infuriated with this service, I called up immediately after his visit and demanded compensation.

I received £75 credit to my account and will automatically receive £5.83 per day, from 13th Septemnber to 29th September (new installation date). If my maths is correct, this will be 16 days and a total of £93.28.

After every call I asked for a text or e-mail confirmation, as I do not trust their 'automatic compensation'. I've had no Virgin Media staff reply to this post, and although I have asked for e-mail or text communication I STILL have to call.
I also kept receiving calls from Capgemini 0345 454 1111, and everytime I picked up they would drop the call. This is so distressing. Virgin Media are the only service in this area with good download and upload speed, which is vital for streaming which is my main source of income. This will be nearly 2 months of lost income.

Alessandro Volta

You are of course fully entitled to that compensation for the delay in connection, although you must be prepared to fight for it. 

But I have to ask whether you are right in expecting to rely on a Virginmedia residential service to generate your income. It is not intended for that purpose and there is no service level agreement. You will only get compensation for total loss of service after the first rwo full days, and nothing at all for a merely poor service which can sometimes be very prolonged. You will get no sympathy from Virginmedia for your loss of income. 

You really need to look at a Virgin Business contract, which has better support. 

- jpeg1
My name is NOT Alessandro. That's just a tag Virginmedia sticks on some contributors. Please ignore it.