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Odd changes to my account/pending installation

If you were to take a look at my post history, you can tell that I've had my fair share of problems with Virgin.

I'll keep it short though. Had a scheduled installation for 30/08, this didn't happen as further construction was needed, so I grin and beared it and moved on with my day.

I called up the other day because my appointment is due next week, I've not had any contact, updates or even saw anyone around my property who were apparently fixing "underground blockages" but was "assured" that it would be done before the 16th, so I yet again, begrudgingly accepted the situation and have been just counting down the days, as I really want to cancel my old provider.

I got 2 emails earlier which was quite odd. 1. The first one was a bill estimate and a quick recap of my services and the installation date/time. 2. The second one was my virgin media contract, account number, reference number, address and installation date/time. 

It's rather odd because I've had 3/4 installations cancelled and never received these emails before, so I went onto the online tracker and my appointment for the construction work/cable pull is no longer there, just the installation date for next Wednesday, but as I said, I've had no confirmation, no-one outside my property, nothing of that sort to kind of prove to me that this work has been completed in time for next week. 

Would a moderator be able to look into this for me? I tried reaching out to a member of your staff via private message but I haven't received a response. I really don't want another failed appointment if it can be avoided.

Thank you.

(Edit: I would like to note that the cables have already been pulled to property but apparently the blockage underneath the pavement is not near my property but elsewhere that would "cause issues down the line" or something to that extent and because of this, no cables have been installed to the front of my house via the brown box, the wires are just underground at the t-box currently).


I don't work for Virgin Media, all my opinions are my own.
10 years in IT. Web Developer.
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Re: Odd changes to my account/pending installation

Hi Fragility,


Thank you for reaching out to us in our community and welcome, I am sorry to hear you are having issues getting your services installed and not getting any updates.


So I can help I would like to invite you into a private chat, I will send you an invite shortly please click on the purple envelope to accept.





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