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New installation

Problems with new installation 

I am transferring my broadband telephone to Virgin Media. I will be porting my telephone number and Virgin have contacted my current ISP Plusnet to cancel my service with effect from 19/2/21 the date that my new service will start. 

Virgin’s workmen called today to lay the cable but told me that they could not do it due to a blockage. They marked the pavement about 70 metres away from my house and 20 metres to the cabinet where the blockage is. They said they will report back to virgin as a separate contractor will be required unblock the blockage. 

I am concerned that there are only two days left for the switch over and may be left without internet/telephone/TV if the cable is not laid by Friday for the installation to be completed. 

I have spent over an hour on the phone to Virgin trying to find out if the contractors can come out tomorrow to unblock the blockage or if that is not possible to delay the switch over as I don’t want to be left without internet/telephone/tv. Virgin have not given me an answer to my questions. They said the matter has been referred to Virgin Media’s construction team who will be in touch with me. 

This is the second attempt to install virgin media at my property. I had the same problem about three years ago and was left with no service for months only for Virgin to subsequently tell me that they will not be able to connect my property. 

I checked with Virgin before placing my order this time that the problem has been resolved and was assured that I will be able to be connected.  Is there someone in Virgin that can look into this and let me know what is going on? The workmen that came to lay the cable said that if the blockage is cleared tomorrow that can lay the cable in time for Friday. Please Virgin can you urgently look into this as I do not want to be left without telephone/internet/tv

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