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New installation help

Hi all, 

I've moved into a new address, it isn't a new build but has required a cable to be installed to my house. I ordered my fibre package to assist with working from home on the 17th March and was given the nearest installation date of the 26th March. 

I saw a few times Virgin engineers outside my address in the days leading up to the installation and spoke to them, they were there installing cables in the pavement outside my address in preparation for the 26th.

The 26th came along and the engineers arrived and were only here for 5 minutes before they said there's a blockage in the pavement outside my address and the cable wasn't able to be pulled through and this would need to be fixed, I've spoken to a friend regarding this and heard some horror stories that this could take 3 months to resolve and turned out the cable was pulled through just fine originally. The small cabling cover outside my address that the engineers were sorting out was open and had been picked to the side and had a black cable looped back on itself sticking out....

I didn't receive any further updates on this for 3 days and decided to ring myself for an hour on hold. Was told the pre-installation team was closed to to the virus and I'd be contacted when they were next open. I've since had to ring again after I was told by the customer service staff that they would recall me the day after to transfer me to prevent me ringing again in a queue for an hour. I waited again for 2 days and no recall so I again rung up to chase this up. I was given the 17th April as a new date which which was between 2-3 weeks away. I was told I'd be contacted by the construction team to possibly arrange an earlier date within 48 hours. Its now been longer than 48 hours and no reply or update and now I can't seem to ring to speak to anybody.

Is it worth me waiting longer or is it worth cancelling? Feel more and more let down here and I may be wrong but there's a cable quite literally in front of my window that I think may be the cable the engineers believed to be blocked somewhere. I need my broadband up as soon as possible.

Thanks for any replies. 


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Re: New installation help


I'm sorry that your install has been delayed. Please can you PM me so I can check the account.

Here to help! I'm a technician helping out whilst working from home. Find out more