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New customer trying to setup broadband

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Hi all - I have recently moved into a new home and I assumed the last owners had Virgin as there is a Virgin box outside with multiple aerial connections coming out of it, I also can see what I believe to be a fibre optic cable (possibly green/ yellow). I searched all round the house for a phone line connection and found it to be in the bathroom, upon further investigation there is a cable coming out of the back box of this connection that runs under the stairs and the cable is just like a coaxial cable which I assumed is what screws into the back of the hub? Or at least this is how the previous owners had it. I have turned on the box and plugged in the cable but it’s not working so I’m not sure if I actually have an internet access port in the house. Any advise? Something I’m doing wrong on setup? Or do I just need an engineer to come out and asses? Thanks in advance 



New Install Assistance

Call the Pre-installation and delivery team on 0800 052 1734.

Explain what needs to be done and book an engineer visit.

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi @Guile27 

Hope you are settling into your new home.

Are there any lights showing on the hub? If so which hub do you have, and which lights are showing?

Did you contact the Home Move team and ask them to transfer your services to your new home?

If so it's possible that you've set it up correctly but it hasn't been activated yet.  You could call 0800 953 9500 and ask them to activate the hub. If there's a problem they may also be able to book in a tech.

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Thank you for your assistance. They could connect to my hub but not rectify the fault unfortunately so they are coming out Monday to hopefully sort it