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My Virgin Media App not working

Tuning in

I can see this isn't the first time this has been an issue for My Virgin Media app users. I followed the instructions mentioned by a team member in a previous post (cleared app data and cache, deleted app, rebooted device, reinstalled app) but it's the same issue - "We're setting things up. Check back here once your services have been installed" (they were installed on Tuesday this week). I also can't log in online as I'm caught in a never ending "complete your profile" loop (see link to another users post about it here:

I just want to access my new Virgin Media account so that I can switch off parental controls.

This is my first Virgin account, I'm new to the UK and Virgin, unless you include the account that was opened a few weeks ago before my order was frozen by the Fraud Prevention Team - see my first ever post, thankfully this is resolved now. I don't know if that could be affecting things. 

Can a Virgin Team Member please offer assistance? I'm losing my mind here! 

Thank you in advance. 


I am sorry to hear this, I will send you a PM now to look into this. 

Matt - Forum Team

New around here?