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Multiple installation issues

Joining in


I'm trying to get some shoddy installation issues resolved. I've given up calling the call centres as after spending a total of about 5 hrs on the phone, being cut off, promised call backs from managers that didn't materialise, I've realised that no-one is interested and I'm looking for help here instead. I connected to someone who took about 15 minutes to run through security with me and bring up my account??? (I'm sure they were playing a game or watching TV), who ever heads up the customer service organisation for VM should be relieved of their position. 

Firstly, the cable that was run through the front garden from the street to my house was just thrown through the hedge that separates my garden from my neighbours.  When I challenged this they said the best they could do was to tack it to the underside of the bottom beam of my neighbours fence (not mine) as the "ground is too hard". I would like this resolving as I don't accept the "ground too hard" excuse, there are a few stones but it's mainly turf and soil. I asked the guys how they manage to get the cable below the tarmac and concrete along the street but hit a wall of silence. The cable isn't even in the protective trunking and it's totally unacceptable. Someone needs to attend with something more than a spade, and finish the job.

Secondly the guy who came to do the hub installation seemed competent and knowledgeable and I felt assured. We discussed the cable routing to go across the porch and under the door, unfortunately, he ran it across the front step and it snakes about and looks an eyesore. Its all I can see when walking up the drive. He even tacked the flowers in the flower bed up against the wall of the house behind the cable instead of just going behind them. Its a complete dog mess installation from start to finish. 

Thirdly, the hub technician said he would fail the first installation on audit and I'll be contacted. I've heard nothing. He also said I'll receive some boosters in the post because the signal in the furthest rooms from the hub is poor. I've heard nothing. 

Finally, and unsurprisingly, I've received the bill on time. I got multiple channels of communication to advise me of this. I have tried to make a payment and set up a direct debit online and the payment link directs me to a blank screen or I get the error message:

"Something's not quite right.

We've found a problem. Please try again"

I couldn't agree more, something definitely isn't quite right, and you're lucky, because I've found loads of problems, not one! I would never have chosen Virgin as I made the decision years ago to only chose products based on customer service levels, unfortunately EE doesn't do full fibre on my street so I had to end my contract with them and dive head first into this nonsense. 

Please can someone make this less painful?


Alessandro Volta

Here's what to do. Ring CS tomorrow at 08.01. Follow the menus to 'Thinking of leaving us'.  Tell them that you will be cancelling within the 14 day period unless the installation is fixed properly. 

Thanks for the suggestion, I don't have much confidence that anything will get resolved through the call centre. That's why I came here. 

I'll try that but might just ask them to come and take it all out anyway. 


@dtransmit wrote:

Thanks for the suggestion, I don't have much confidence that anything will get resolved through the call centre. That's why I came here. 

I'll try that but might just ask them to come and take it all out anyway. 


If you are still in the 14 day cooling off period, that that is on your side and you can always leave if VM can't resolve quickly.

If you are happy the actual TV/phone/broadband services (not customer services) you could post some photos of the issues on here and the VM forum staff can review and relay them on for an attempt at a remedy.

This process is, however, a bit hit-and-miss and seems to be entirely dependent on the abilities/responsiveness/interest of local personnel to deal with such issues in a timely way.

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey @dtransmit,
Welcome to the community and thanks for taking the time to post your issue on the forums.
I’m sorry to hear of all the issues that your install has caused, this isn't the level of work that our team should be carrying out. I can see on the system that you have been in touch with  the team and an appointment has been raised along with a complaint.

Please can you let us know how the visit goes and if they address all of the issues?