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Missing splitter

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I've had Virgin Media broadband for several months now but have decided I wanted to start using freeview too. The problem is that the broadband uses the only coax cable in the living room area. I've seen mention of a splitter coming in the set up box that would allow me to use both the broadband and the freeview from one coax connection. I have double checked the setup box and there was no splitter sent. 

Is the splitter required to use both, does it need to be a specific Virgin Media splitter, and, if so, can I order one from Virgin somewhere?




If you are a broadband-only VM customer, you won't be able to get Freeview over your VM connection. You would need a separate connection to a TV aerial or some other means of getting a Freeview TV signal.

If you were to order TV from VM a splitter will be necessary to split the coaxial cable with one leg for the hub and the other leg for the TV box. Other ways of getting TV include:

  • from an aerial or satellite dish (both requiring a coaxial cable).
  • from a streaming box (available from both VM and Sky) and needing a WiFi connection .
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