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Likelihood of being charged call-out fee for temperamental router suddenly behaving?

Tuning in

i have a V3 hub for about 7 years and i think its playing up. 

over the last year its been disconnecting all the wifi device(with the green light on) occasionally. sometimes fixing itself and others requiring a hard reboot. often several times in a row.  the ethernet ports also stop working occasionally forcing more resets and reboots of all connected equipment.

Last week was the worst after rebooting it four days in a row to stop wifi issues and the ethernet ports not working at all i finally managed to get an engineers appointment.

however as expected, the router is now behaving nicely so there's no more fault.

should I cancel the appointment to avoid the risk of the £25 call out charge if they find nothing wrong and wait till next time it plays up and hope i can get someone there quick enough?  

what is the likelihood that they will charge me if they can't find anything wrong?  is it feasible i might get a new router just in case as its become so bad?

I'm half tempted to leave for a year or so and re-join in the future just to get a change of equipment


any soothing words of reassurance or advice?


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @Thrillingbeck

Welcome back to the community. 

Sorry to hear you are having broadband issues at this time. I can see that you have already had your tech appointment now and they have worked to resolve your issue. Please keep us updated or let us know if you have any further issues at all. We'll be here to help if needed. 

Here to help 🙂
Virgin Media Forums Agent

  • Hi they shouldn't charge you the engineer should just replace the router

When I had engineer visit asked him to replace the router no problem

Tuning in
Technician came round today. found a bunch of cabling issues and also replaced router. everything working great so far. top work.

Good Result all sorted

Hi Thrillingbeck, 

Thanks for coming back and taking the time to update us on how things have been. We're glad to hear that things are working and that the engineer visit went well. 

If you have any further issues, please come back and let us know so we can help further. 

Many thanks, 

Forum Team

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