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Is it possible to have the external brown box moved?

I signed up for Virgin media last week and arranged an engineer visit for Saturday 19th May to carry out the installation.

On Tuesday 05/05/2020 a two man team from Virgin knocked on my door to install the external box for the service.

I didn't know they were coming and happened to be in the middle of a call when they arrived, working from home and all that, so due to this I just nodded when they said they were here to fit the external box and they set to work.

I was unable to observe them or ask them anything due to work and them turning up announced so they ended up fitting the brown box in a super awkward place on the outside of the property, right on top of some new repainted brickwork in the middle of a wall.

Which by the looks of it means that they intend to feed cables through the exterior wall at that point, which is a giant no no where they fitted it.


Would it be possible to have the box fitted to a different point on the wall so the external cabling comes in a convenient place (ie actually near my router etc) and not fitted bang smack in the mid point of my wall?

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Re: Is it possible to have the external brown box moved?


When the technician arrives to install your services please tell them. They should be able to relocate the box as long as there is enough slack on the cable.

The position of the brown box does not determine the entry point for the installation, you can choose where it is positioned. The technician will talk you through the process. If you private message me your account number I will add some  notes to your account that the tech will see prior to coming to your home.



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