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Internet is disconnecting itself every few hours. Poor speed

Hi. I recently moved. I choose the quick start option. There was virgin media broadband here before o, but apparently its old setup - from 2015.

The virgin box in the wall looks different than the one from instructions. Also I received a small starter pack - new cable with some kind of splitter. And there was suppose to be a small plug extention. But that wasn't included with package for some reasons.

Anyway, I have connection but the download speed is around 0.1 MBit/s. Out of 350 I would say that is preety crap...

Its been like this for 3days now. Every few hours it's just gone. No Internet at all.

Can someone take a look at this please and let me know what's going on? If the socket is too old (2015) and I need engineer to install new one, can this be  arranged   as soon as possible please? Give me a shout about please. Thank you.


Edit: Solved. I change the cables and it worked. Sorry for post. You can remove it. I don't see that option anywhere. 

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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: Internet is disconnecting itself every few hours. Poor speed

Hi there @hyyde


Cheers for your post and your edit! Glad that you managed to get things all working again with the cable change. 


To mark as resolved, you can just post a reply to your thread (rather than editing) and then Mark as Helpful Answer (green box). This will then show the thread as solved 🙂 


Hope that helps. 





Katie - Forum Team

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