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Installing in our area! Wayleave Point of Contact at Virgin?


I posted a few months ago - Virgin are presently doing MAJOR works in my corner of Greater Manchester, adding literally thousands of new properties less than 100m from our estate.

I spoke with the friendly installers and they advised our estate is in Wayleave - typical of 'New Builds' on Leaseholds.

Over the last few months I have spoken with or Estate Management Company (trinty), who upon looking in to it passed it on to our Freehold Managers (Simarc), who after a few MORE weeks - and nudging from me - passed it on to Eris Media; their Wayleave management company.

They state they are waiting for Virgin to get back in touch with them - which is at odds with the last information I got previously from a very helpful manager on this forum who said they were waiting for Freeholder approval.

I'm worried that Eris are sitting on a 10-year old stance of Virgin, before they started actually digging up our street last month!  Whilst our estate has a modern set of BT Ducts, ripe for sharing - it ALSO has a woefully underused conduit network of pipes, simply used to provide each house with access to a communal development Freeview aerial and the rest of the pipes remains 90% unoccupied.  Hopefully these could offer even cheaper install routes.

Is anyone at Virgin able to take a quick look at this?  I can PM details (full address, point of contact at Eris Media, etc) - even if the response was "We've now spoken TODAY and we can't get come to an agreement"; that'd at least provide some sort of closure!

I appreciate the embuggerance of leaseholds (especially the like of Simarc) and the high chance this'll be bad news BUT it would be better if 2 humans on either side of the fence could communicate to each other and confirm the final result to us desperate for faster broadband - especially now so many of us are working from home.

Thank you all in advance!

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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: Installing in our area! Wayleave Point of Contact at Virgin?

Hi Samboro, 

We'd certainly love to take some details from you so we can see what can be done about this. 

I'm going to pop you a personal message now with some information and we'll take it from there. 

Thanks 🙂

Emma_C - Forum Team
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