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Installation problems

Joining in

I just got a new virgin media broadband, TV and phone and was delivered yesterday but having issues with installation because there was an old wire in the virgin media socket and I don't know how to remove it and put the new one.

Secondly, I can't register with virgin media because I was not sent any welcome email with my account number which they kept asking for when I try to register.

Please I need asap.


Alessandro Volta

Post a photo of the issue and what you are trying to connect to which might help with replies on here.

If you have an old connector on the socket, these will be screw threaded. An 11mm spanner (or pliers or grips) can be used to remove them although they can be very stiff to turn.

Depending on exactly what arrangement you already have in place, it might not be necessary to remove the existing cable.

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @Priscillia 

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Sorry to hear that you're having issues with your installation at this time. 

If you have a quick start kit this should be installed into a faceplate/wall socket with an NTL, Telewest or Virgin Media logo on it. 

If there is any old wiring or coaxial cable, this can be removed but possibly unscrewing the cable at the connection point so that you can connect your own. 

If you're still struggling, please can you post an image of what you see and we'll be able to advise further. 

Here to help 🙂
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