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Installation/ordering issues with Freeholder

Hi, I'm wondering if anyone might help or suggest how to approach my problem.

I live in a small Close of purpose-built maisonettes; postcode checker tells me that Virgin Media is available where I live.

I'd like to place an order and get connected to VM because frankly I'm sick of being on BT's VDSL in 21st century. The problem is that the building has a weird layout (my flat's entrance is on 1st floor, stairs going up directly from the street) and I'm not sure how the cable would be run and connected to my property.

I approached the freehold management company about this and they said that they would have to provide a permission to do any work (fair enough as I don't own the walls which would have to be drilled through). I emailed them and they asked me to  "ask Virgin media for their works method statement, confirmation of fire stopping especially, wayleave agreement". Obviously that's not something I can easily provide myself and the call centre has no idea what those things are. The management company also advised that I'll have to pay a fee for consent to works. They'll only be able to tell me how much that will be after they review the documents above.

Obviously I don't want to place an order without knowing how much I'll have to pay the freeholder for consent. On the other hand, I won't know what kind of works & documents I'll have without placing an order and scheduling an installation. It sounds to me like a bit of a Catch 22 situation so I'd appreciate any help - I don't want to have any works done without consent as that is always a pain to solve when selling the property in the future...

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Installation/ordering issues with Freeholder

Hi there,

Happy to help you with this.

I'll need to pop you a private message so I can take your personal details and look into this properly for you.

Thank you for your post.

Christy D

Here to help! I'm a technician helping out whilst working from home. Find out more

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