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Installation issues starting May last year

Joining in

I initially moved into my house in June last year, at the time I signed up to Virgin before moving in, this was in the May. I was told additional work would be needed in the outside of the premises and I agreed to this.

Once moving into the house a Virgin Engineer came over and said no work had been done. On ringing Virgin I was promised a further team was due to fix this on the day, the engineer came back later and confirmed nothing had being done.

On speaking to Virgin later that week I was promised it would be completed within the next two weeks and a engineer was booked again, the same engineer returned and again no work had been completed.

This continued until August last year where I cancelled the installation as no progress was being made. I attempted to get further internet service but this is on the old lines and very slow.

I rung Virgin up again in September and the sales person informed me on checking my file the outside work had been completed as there was a blockage that had now being fixed, and offered me an engineer visit to check pre installation. The same engineer came and said work had been done but not to the property yet. So i was lied too which left me feeling disgruntled.

Since then work has continued outside the house and I have seen this take place. The CAT box was left open and a cable was sticking out of the box and this was roughly November, so at this point I assumed the work was nearing completion. I then received an email saying the work had been put on hold until further notice.

Since then I have received no communication from Virgin except a cancellation email for my £50 refer a friend as I had not taken out services...

I rung Virgin two weeks ago and got told I would receive a call from a local engineer team and I have not received this.

Last week when I was away the front of my property has been cemented up including the CAT box, at this point I noticed my neighbour also appears to be getting Virgin internet.

This whole process has been so stressful and I was wondering if anyone can provide any advice as speaking to Virign on the phones provides no advice. I dont believe it should take nearly a year to install services when I live in a built up area where people 4 houses down have Virgin internet







Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Gornall22, 

Thanks for your post and I'm really sorry to hear that we've had to put the installation on hold for now due to further works being needed to be completed. 

Whilst this isn't ideal, it does happen on occasions due to the way we provide our network. Sometimes this can take a while to complete depending on the issue at hand. 

Whilst we're not able to expedite things from here, I'm happy to take a look at things for you to have the latest update. I can also get a complaint raised to ensure the relevant teams are aware. 

To do this I will need some information from you in order to help. I have sent you a private message regarding this and will investigate further once I receive your reply. Just click on the little plum envelope at the top right hand side of the page to access your inbox.


Forum Team

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