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Installation delay

Tuning in

Hi, virgin confirmed the installation of broadband  on 24 Nov And nothing installed and according to the confirmation of Virgin I ended my previous internet provider service.

i control almost of my house appliances via WiFi because of my medical condition effects my mobility I ended my provirus internet provider service because of Virgin media confirmation of installation date 24/11/2022.

Virgin promised me to provide free dongle and nothing happened as well,

they confirmed that new installation date 22/12/2022 long long time 

very bad service and I don’t trust Virgin any more 

if any damage happens to me because of losing the WiFi to control my appliances, I will raise it up by the low.



Fibre optic

By the sounds of it you have a construction issue which can take a few weeks.  If you qualify for a dongle you should receive it if not contact pre install team 0345 454 1111.  I have also left u a link for the auto comp

Tuning in
Very bad service, installation date it was 24/11/2022 up to now no installation and Virgin confirmed 22/12/2022 the next installation date , they provide me Dongle since last Friday and nothing happened… I don’t trust them anymore

Tuning in

Further to my previous post, I would confirm that Virgin disappointed me because they delayed the broadband installation and provided me Dongle since last Friday and I have not received it yet even though they confirmed many times I will receive it.

I will post daily until my problems resolved by Virgin media pre installation team department or any department related to resolve the customer problems.


Alessandro Volta

It has been mentioned on here in the recent past (#5 below)

that a delay of 8 weeks or more would qualify a waiting customer for a mobile dongle. Depending on who told you that you were getting one, the information might not be that reliable. The OFCOM reg's in para 38

mention provision of 'a suitable cellular based service' as an alternative to paying compensation when a supplier decides they no longer want to pay compensation.

Those who have actually reported getting a VM dongle on here, while waiting, have suggested they were hard to get hold of and were not that reliable in use.

While you are waiting you should keep very detailed records of all info and communications with VM. Particularly important is the date you were first given in writing when VM said they were going to come and install your equipment and activate your services (not a cable installation date but the equipment installation date, OFCOM doc para 9). That would be the date your compensation applies from. Hopefully you have a written record from VM saying they will install and activate your equipment on 24 Nov.

If you have no connection any more from your old provider, you should think about what your backup plan will be in case VM fails to provide a dongle and/or fails to install in December for you (such as additional mobile data, a mobile data SIM/hotspot connection on a rolling monthly contract etc.).

If you keep multi-posting on substantially the same issue, you will probably find that your topics just keep getting merged together. Ironically, posting more might actually mean getting less help in practice.