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Installation Delay

Last week I upgraded my broadband only package to include TV.  An engineer visit was booked for mid Feb and I cancelled my TV contact with existing provider.

Today I have had a text to say the installation is now postponed due to COVID.  The only info I have had on my endless call and being passed around is that the engineer has decided to put a hold on the job - no clue on when this will be done now!  Also no clue on whether this is specific to my address - we are fine here so no risk specifically! 

Since I have already cancelled with Sky I am really tempted to undo the whole thing - nobody can really explain why this has happened and when I will get a new date.  Has this happened to anyone else or can anyone give an idea on how long these delays add to the process?  I get COVID is a big issue but this date was fine a week or so ago when I agreed to the new package!

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