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Hub 5

On our wavelength

My hub 5 has just turned up and after opening the box that the power supply was missing .


On our wavelength

Oh it gets better , the incompetence. After waiting 14 days ,7 separate web chats and god knows how many mobile calls .I have received two power supplies for the hub 5 which would be great if they fitted which they don’t. On Wednesday of this week I cancelled my broadband with virgin media and they still sent out the power supplies, pity they couldn’t do this a fortnight ago or put it in the box in the first place. No apology for me having to take time off work or the inconvenience of not having broadband as I work from home . What a joke .

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi Fozzybear2, 

Thank you for updating the thread. 

We apologise for your experience and any issues with the service. 

We are very disappointed to hear you will now be leaving us and hope we can make amends in the future. 




Joining in

have the same issue. Hub 5 arrived yesterday in virgine media business box and appears to be replacement hub sent instead of new kit with power supply etc. 40 minute call last night to try and get cable but dont think person taking call understood and has ordered cable. no confirmation its being sorted. can someone from virgin assist me?

Hi @ianst1111

I responded to the other thread you made about this earlier. We'll continue to assist you with this matter from there.


Zach - Forum Team
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