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Hub 5 and CCTV connection

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I have just has VM installed with hub 5 router.  My CCTV dvr is set up with the correct IP address and I can view the cameras on my IPad and Iphone when connected to the network, but cannot access them on my Iphone when on mobile data.  Please keep replies basic as I'm not great with IT!!


Alessandro Volta

Follow the manual for your CCTV setup


Community elder

What IP address are you using when trying to connect using your Iphone on mobile data (Please do not post the IP address, I just want to confirm what you are using!)?

I assume it's the IP you get from the below site?

Have you setup port forwarding on the HUB 5?

it appears that you can see it internally but not externally.

There is something called port forwarding, and a setting you need to enable in the router. You might need to enable UPnP as well, as I had to do this many years ago with Geovision.

As far as I know the ip address is correct and the dvr is listed on the hub 5 for port forwarding.  I can view the cameras on my iPad and iPhone when I’m using the Wi-Fi but get connection failed on mobile data. 

Thanks for your reply.  The dvr is set up in port forwarding and UPnP is enabled.

Assign the DVR a static IP outside of the range. If the range starts from then something like will be better. Then find out which ports the DVR need. And on the router in port forwarding type in the newly created static IP and the ports it uses. This should do the trick. 

Thanks, but I’m not sure how to do that.  Do I change the ip on dvr first?

Change the DVR to a static range, and make sure your router assigns the pool after this address so there is no IP conflict. 

It’s quite an old dvr and there is no mention of assigning a static ip. I think I’ll have to put up with what I have as I’m not IT literate enough to work my way through it.  Thanks for your help. But it did work ok with my Plusnet router!