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Hub 5 activated and working but telephony showing as disabled and green status light blinking constantly



Recently received a Hub 5 to replace my Hub 3. All swapped and activated fine yesterday (Saturday 15th October). I noticed that the green status light is constantly blinking which seems to indicate a potential software update in progress state, based on reading other posts here. However the light has been like this for over 24 hours. I have tried rebooting but it still does this after a restart.

My observations:

1. This message is in the networks logs at intervals

16-10-2022 20:34:33errorSW upgrade Failed before download -TFTP Max Retry Exceeded


2. Telephony is shown as disabled in the web interface but it appears to be working as ringing out from the my phone line works.

The telephony disabled being shown despite the landline working, is possibly a firmware bug?

The software version my Hub 5 has is: LG-RDK_2.23.16-2106.14. I'm not sure if there's a newer firmware out in the wild. It would seem my Hub 5 isn't able to contact the firmware update endpoint, which is why the log messages and the green flashing light constantly. I am running the Hub 5 in modem mode. It was in router mode for the activation but I changed it to modem mode immediately after.

Has anyone experienced similar issues?




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F.Y.I.   My new HUB 5  is  

Software version

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Very Insightful Person

There are users reporting the firmware update green flashing lights here. Some are working after a Hub reboot, others are reporting several days before the flashing stops. 
In modem mode the light should be a solid green. 

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Thanks for the info. It does appear there is a newer firmware version in the wild then.

I've looked at the network logs and it seems that the Hub 5 is trying to reach some form of update server/location but failing before giving up. I assume there's a out of hours schedule between 1 AM and 5 AM when it automatically retries.

17-10-2022 05:04:43errorSW upgrade Failed before download -TFTP Max Retry Exceeded
17-10-2022 05:04:31noticeSW Download INIT - Via NMS
17-10-2022 04:04:44errorSW upgrade Failed before download -TFTP Max Retry Exceeded
17-10-2022 04:04:31noticeSW Download INIT - Via NMS
17-10-2022 03:04:47errorSW upgrade Failed before download -TFTP Max Retry Exceeded
17-10-2022 03:04:35noticeSW Download INIT - Via NMS
17-10-2022 02:04:40errorSW upgrade Failed before download -TFTP Max Retry Exceeded
17-10-2022 02:04:28noticeSW Download INIT - Via NMS
17-10-2022 01:04:37errorSW upgrade Failed before download -TFTP Max Retry Exceeded
17-10-2022 01:04:25noticeSW Download INIT - Via NMS

As the Hub 5 is activated and provisioned accordingly, I'll just leave it, it may solve itself if it manages to pull the firmware update, or if it just happens to resolve itself.


Looks like it managed to do the software update. As there's an entry indicating a reboot early this morning

18-10-2022 01:08:44criticalCable Modem Reboot due to master console reset

Software version is now: LG-RDK_3.18.30-2112.12

Telephony now shows as (Ready) on the status page in modem mode. So looks like it's sorted itself as mentioned!

Good Morning :@jamesmacwhite, thanks for your post and welcome back to our Forums!

Can you please confirm if the green light is still flashing?

Are all services working on the hub as expected?

Kindest regards,


Everything is OK. It would appear the software update happened after several days of the green light flashing and rebooted itself. From reading the replies and other posts, it seems I'm not the only one who has noticed it, but to be fair everything worked fine when activated despite this.

Hi jamesmacwhite,

Thank you for reaching back out to us and for the update, glad to hear everything has worked fine since the activation, if you do need any further help/ support do not hesitate to reach back out, you can find out more around our landline switchover here.