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Hub 5 Log In

Joining in

Hi, just got back to VM and have the hub 5. Simple question, how do I log into the hub?

No idea of ip address or password. Is there a list of recommended settings to get the most out of the hub?



Alessandro Volta

Details are on the hub

Recommended setting modem mode  


Fibre optic

The IP address will be, the password for it is on a sticker on the bottom of the hub and is composed of all numbers (not to be confused with the WiFi password). It's not completely impossible that the hub isn't first hand and may have been recycled from a previous subscriber, and furthermore that it hasn't been properly reset before being sent to you. So if connecting to the above address and/or using the default password, doesn't work, then the first thing to do is to factory reset the whole thing. To do this, locate the reset hole (I believe this is tin the bottom of the Hub 5), depress the tiny button inside with a bent paper clip or SIM removal tool, while the hub is powered up and keep the button depressed for 60 seconds - the hub should reboot itself and now be factory defaulted. 

The password on the sticker on the base should now work.

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello grumpybri.

Thanks for your post.

Just a quick message to see if you were able to log in to the Hub settings by the details on the base?

Look forward to your reply.


Yes, got in thanks. No instructions left with the kit, no instruction on VM website so thank god for the forum.

May I butt in here on the same subject.  I too have tried to log into the router witht he correct IP address and copying the password (nit the wi fi password) and get a message saying it's the wrong password. It's a Hub 5.

My ultimate goal is to have my WD My Cloud Home NAS for local network use only. I want the router to recognise it and then I can link to it wirelessly from my laptop. Not being able to log into the router is not a good start.  Appreciate any feedback - Keith