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HTTP Error 500 Internal Server Error

Joining in

Everything is working but I am receiving quite a few internet dropouts on ionvestigation I am seeing this error when checking my network status, tried a few things that have been mentioned on a few other posts, clearing cache, cookies etc but its still there:

Internal server error: Error: Unrecognised CCSP downstream modulation "" Stack: Error: Unrecognised CCSP downstream modulation "" at getDSModulationAPIValue (/www/jse/rest/v1/cablemodem/downstreamchannel.js:42) at getDownstreamChannel (/www/jse/rest/v1/cablemodem/downstreamchannel.js:61) tailcall at [anon] (/www/jse/rest/v1/cablemodem/downstream/primary.js:61) tailcall at global (/www/rest/front.jse:369) preventsyield (0)


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So it's a hub 5.  Try a 30 second pinhole reset of the hub with no ethernet connection and see how it goes.

It might also be a local fault. Call local issues line on 0800 561 0061.

Also check all cables and connections are tight and secure and not kinked or damaged.