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Fraudulent Contract Signup and ignoring the Cancellation Date

Oh boy, am I tired.  Due to trying to cancel back in February and not being able to speak to a human, my wife and I cancelled by post.  We received a letter back saying VM was disconnecting us on the 5th and the account cancelled.  The router went in the drawer and we moved provider.

Was that the end of the story?  Of course not.

We received confirmation that a 'former employee' of VM had, without our consent signed us up to a *new* contract.  I have now received a bill for this contract.  We received proof from a staff member over text that a former employee setup a new account fraudulently and they gave us their former employee code. This is despite 5 calls to VM staff before this time to get guarantees that we WOULD be disconnected. No disconnection, no cancellation of the fraudulent account.

We are writing a formal complaint by LETTER as we cannot trust the staff there.  We already cancelled our DD as we expected the service to end on the 5th.  The router has not been reconnected and we want a bag to send the router back.  We cannot trust a word that has been said to us and the complaint we put in over the phone was instantly cancelled by the operator as we have the email saying 'we' cancelled the complaint when we did no such thing.

So, can ANYONE please get this sorted for us?  I am considering getting ActionFraud involved shortly as falsifying a contract (I believe, not a layer) may be a criminal act and this undue stress is doing nothing good for my heart.

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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: Fraudulent Contract Signup and ignoring the Cancellation Date

Hi @alanjairey

Welcome back to the community forums!

I'm so sorry to hear that you've had this poor experience with us whilst trying to cancel your service. It is very disappointing to hear that you are leaving us, but I can assure you that this isn't the level of service that we want to provide to any of our customers. Let's continue this conversation in private message so I can locate the account and pass account security to investigate this further. Please look out for my PM in your inbox at the top corner of the page.  


Carley - Forum Team

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