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Excellent Technician

Joining in

After waiting from 11th September for Virgin Media to address my many complaints, issues  & installation, today ,19th October  at 16.56 a technician arrived. He did not leave until 19.42, he was very kind, courteous & thoroughly knew his job & what needed to be done at my house. After nearly 6 weeks, many phone calls to call centres in India & Philippines, appointments not kept, the technician arrived & was able to connect me & help with my WiFi problems caused by my last Virgin Media visit in 2020. 
He is known as J P 94108 , I hope Virgin can identify him by this ID , please let me know.    I still have some remaining issues which, although promised by call centre in Philippines, followed by email from Resolutions Team confirming  & sent to me on 17Oct. these instructions were  not conveyed to the Technician!,  I live in hope that this will be finally sorted ASAP.


On our wavelength

I was impressed by my install technician. He mentioned a survey about how he'd done but that never arrived. He was efficient, didn't leave any mess at all and made sure everything was working as expected before he left, and managed to get the router in a better place than I thought might be possible too.

Hi VirgMed and RedAndWhite,

Thanks for posting and thank you both for the lovely feedback regarding our technicians.

Great to hear you've had a great experience.

You would usually receive the survey via text or email.