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Excellent Engineer

Joining in

I’d like to praise a Stoke-on-Trent VM engineer for his excellent service, professionalism and courteousness when fixing a “fault” at my father in law’s house this morning. Engineer Nick Backhouse arrived promptly and was faced with a damaged cable, severed in two places accidentally by workmen landscaping the garden. Nick quickly devised a plan to utilise the neighbours unused cable, explained and negotiated with the neighbour, who gave permission for this to happen. Nick then set to work executing the plan and in no time at all, had everything connected, tested and working again. We were thoroughly impressed with his quick thinking and ability to react to the situation presented to him, in such a calm manner. I’d like to ensure that Nick’s manager, Karl Burndred, is made aware that he has a true star working in his team.


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Great to hear. 

VM feel free to set up a "great job" type channel to bring these lovely posts together. 

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello Dudleyn. 

Thanks for letting us know about Nick and his heroics. 

Welcome to our community as well.

What we can do is copy your post and pass it onto Nicks Manager and the Regional Manager.

It's always great to hear positive feedback.

Should you need any help in the future, pop back on here and we can assist you.